Mag Soar engineers are specialized in the design, development, and customization of magnetic gears, magnetic dampers, magnetic torque limiters and magnetic suspension solutions.

Research & Development

Mag Soar engineers team expertise has been amply demonstrated in each succesfully completed project

Design and simulation

Mag Soar count with design engineers specialized in the most complex 3D and thermal simulation programs.

Prototype Manufacturing

Mag Soar counts with the best machinery available in order to manufacture its own prototypes with an optimum precision.



MAG SOAR S.L. will attend the IAC

MAG SOAR S.L. will attend the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) to show the H2020 SIROM Project as part of the Consortium lead by SENER. MAG SOAR is responsible for developing the Thermal Interface for Robotics Manipulation of Payloads in Future Space Missions.

Levisolator Isolation System: Improving the Universe imaging

Mag Soar has presented the recent advances of Levisolator project on the Workshop on Optical Mechanisms held by ESA/ESTEC in Noordwijk, Netherlands. Levisolator is a new technology development from MAG SOAR that will be potentially used as a cryostat vibration isolation and thermal disconnect system for the Focal Plane Array of the Athena Mission, an X-Ray […]

Mag Soar demonstration on TechFest

Ignacio Valiente and Judit Esnoz, Technical Director and  Mechanical Engineer of Mag Soar respectively, presented the company magnetic and superconducting devices on TECH FEST Trade Fair on new technologies. Dr. Valiente began going through the company star products and principal projects: Optimagdrive, Z-Damper, Levisolator and Sirom. He explained the advantages of magnetic components in comparison with […]

MS magnetic gears in NASA Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium

MAG SOAR technology last achievements will be presented at the 44th NASA Aerospace Mechanism Symposium that will take place in Cleveland, Ohio (May 16-18). This event, sponsored and organized by the Mechanisms Education Association in cooperation with NASA Glenn Research Center and Lockheed Martin Space, represents a privileged forum for the exposition of cutting-edge technologies […]

MAG SOAR presents the new generation of magnetic gears in ESA

The technical director of MAG SOAR, Dr. Ignacio Valiente, presented Optimagdrive project final results in 2017 Mechanisms Final Presentation Days workshop. The project main objective was to demonstrate the potential capacity of magnetic gearboxes. Magnetic gears have proven to be a better solution than conventional gears in applications where the extreme temperature or the maximum […]

Z-DAMPER, winner of the CLEAN SKY Best Project from Partners award

Z-DAMPER has been awarded the first price from 22 nominated Clean Sky projects as best example of successfully performed activities.  CLEAN SKY is the largest research program funded by the EU Commission developing advanced technologies designed to significantly reduce C02 and NOx emission and noise levels. This week, the Clean Sky 1 Closing Event “Europe, […]