Currently, the multidisciplinary team of engineers of MAG SOAR is developing this technology for new products and services.

Mechanical, electrical and cryogenic engineers with a large expertise in aerospace, defence and industry make systems soar free from friction and lubrication.

MAG SOAR develops magneto-mechanical technology and contactless transmissions for space, aeronautics, energy and industry applications. Our Engineers develops special dedicated hardware and software in all cases, including cryogenics electronics, fast data acquisition and real-time processing, wireless control and monitoring, vibration control, power electronics and passive coolers providing a unique mixture of expertise and know-how. Our team is used to work with the most challenging projects and the most demanding international clients.

MAG SOAR is a CSE(Cryogenics Society of Europe) member.

MAG SOAR is a subsidiary company of SAN JORGE TECNOLÓGICAS












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