Superconducting single domain YBaCuO levitation disks and other shapes with the ability to trap magnetic field exhibit strong levitation force. Suitable for self-stabilizing frictionless magnetic bearings of very low friction.

MAG SOAR, in collaboration with its partner, Can Superconductors, provides levitation bulks and other superconducting products. Design, manufacturing, and testing of turnkey superconducting bearing solutions are also available under request.


Type Diameter Height

Levitation Force (77K)

CSYL-14 14 mm 6 mm 20 N
CSYL-21 21 mm 8 mm 40 N
CSYL-25 25 mm 9 mm 60 N
CSYL-28 28 mm 10 mm 70 N
CSYL-35 35 mm 12 mm 100 N
CSYL-50 50 mm 15 mm 200 N
CSYL-56 56 mm 16 mm 400 N


Material Melt textured YBa2Cu3O7-x with Y2BaCuO5 excess
Basic formula Y1.8Ba2.4Cu3.4Ox + additives
Preparation method Seeded melt growth
Critical temperature ~ 90 K
Shape cylindrical, rectangular or other upon request
Diameter tolerance 5 %
Trapped magnetic field up to 1.4 

Other products:

  • Magnetic shields