Magnetic Gears

Mag Soar Magnetic Gears- An optimal solution for aerospace applications








Reduction ratio 1: 1 to 1:3000
Size Diameter 20 to 200 mm
Output Torque 0.5 to 500 Nm
Torque Density up to 200 kNm/m3
Specific Torque up to 25 Nm/kg
Operational Temperature -200ºC to 200ºC
Position accuracy <60 arcsec
Ripple torque < 0.1%
Overload protection
No wear, no friction
Cryogenic and Vacuum suitable models

The efficiency of the gearbox can be designed to reach equivalent values to those in electric motors, even in the most demanding environmental conditions. Extreme temperature, high vacuum, and radiation resistance models are available under request.

It is also reversible and can be used as a multiplication device. Linear magnetic gearboxes and displacement multipliers are also available.