MS magnetic gears in NASA Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium

MAG SOAR technology last achievements will be presented at the 44th NASA Aerospace Mechanism Symposium that will take place in Cleveland, Ohio (May 16-18). This event, sponsored and organized by the Mechanisms Education Association in cooperation with NASA Glenn Research Center and Lockheed Martin Space, represents a privileged forum for the exposition of cutting-edge technologies on the aerospace field.

MAG SOAR optimagdrive gearboxes, specially optimized for space environment, have demonstrated an unprecedented torque density and high reduction ratios in compact and lightweight molds. Low magnetic pollution, zero backlash performance, high efficiency and unbeatable lifetime are also among their capabilities.

Besides, MAG SOAR is also exposing its vibration isolation and shock absorption contactless solution specially developed for aerospace structures. Z-Damper is a technology based on mechanical impedance matching optimizing vibration isolation and minimizing weight and envelope requirements.

In a nutshell, contactless systems are becoming a serious option for space and robotic applications requiring the maximum precision and efficiency.

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