MAG SOAR in charge of SIROM thermal interface

SIROM is a European Commission H2020 project with the objective of developing a standard set of connections that allow coupling of payload to the manipulators and payloads to other payloads. These robotic manipulators or robot arms are increasingly being used in complex in-orbit infrastructures or space exploration due to its effectiveness and optimum performance in space conditions. However, there are still some problems due to the dynamic coupling between the manipulators and the spacecraft.

These connections will be integrated by mechanical interfaces in order to put together the blocks, electrical interfaces for power transmission, thermal interfaces for heat regulation and interfaces to transmit data throughout the satellite.

SIROM standardized model will be crucial for on-orbit servicing missions such as docking, berthing, refueling, repairing, upgrading, transporting, rescuing, and orbital debris removal. Besides, it will be also key for the future of planetary robotic exploration, currently depending on a range of robotic assets such as lander and rovers and on the interaction between them and the additional payload elements.  

MAG SOAR is in charge of the design, development, and manufacturing of the thermal interface, one of the main pieces of this robotic puzzle led by SENER.


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