The magnetic energy´s faculties can be breathtaking. One of the most impressive proofs of this is the phenomenum know as the Northen Ligths, caused by the collision between the earth´s magnetic field and the solar wind. The acelerated electrons crushing against the atmosphere happen to offer us one of the most beautiful spectacles in the entire world.

The great potential of magnetic systems

MAG SOAR is well aware of the great potencial of magnetic force and that´s the reason why magnetism is used as main ingredient in the development of contactless mechanical systems which aplications range from aircraft mechanisms to space systems.

It all begun with the MAGDRIVE project, a magnetic gearbox optimized to work in cryogenic environments. The objective was to design, build and test a magnetic-superconductor non contact drive able to function at extremely low temperatures.


The results were outstanding: MAGDRIVE didn´t only satisfactorily pass every test but it also exceeded the initial expectations. The drive superconducting magnetic bearings were proven capable of suppressing every contact between moving parts. The lack of friction almost eliminates the fatigue of the system, one of the primary causes of the reduction of life time in all kinds of mechanical devices. Furthemore, it realeases the machinery from the constant need of lubrication and improves its efficiency.

The consequences and applications of this innovative system are countless. That is the reason which encouraged the team behind MAGDRIVE to create the spin-off company MAG SOAR.These are some of the products developed by MAG SOAR engineers:


To sum up, MAG SOAR´s objective is to take advantage of electromagnetic properties in order to unravel complex industry problems that traditional technologies have been unable to solve such as the high costs of maintenance and lubrication, mechanic limitations on extreme temperatures, problems caused by wear or fatigue…  In essence, MAG SOAR aim is to prove that magnetic systems can be the perfect choice to build and improve the present´s technology. Follow us and don´t miss a step of this thrilling adventure.


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