MAG SOAR presents Z-DAMPER in ESA 2016 mechanism workshop

MAG SOAR technical director exposed the project last advances to the interested parties

The Workshop on Gear Technology and Mechanisms Final presentation took place on ESA´s technical heart and incubator of the European space effort: The European Space Research and Technology Center, ESTEC, located in Noordwijk. (Netherlands)


The objective of the Workshop Gear Technology was to promote the discussion and exchange of ideas between European industry and academic institutions about research related to gear technology. Afterwards, the ESA Mechanisms section hosted the annual Final Presentation Days to disseminate the results of research and development activities.

Dr. Ignacio Valiente, MAG SOAR technical director, made a presentation about the last advances of FP7 Cleansky Z-Damper project. Z-Damper is a new damping technology able to resist extreme levels of vibrations at higher temperature than any other vibration control system. Z-DAMPER working principle is based on mechanical impedance coupling. This represents a completely original concept for vibration control as impedance matching has never before been used for damping purposes. Impedance coupling damping technology can be applied to vibrations control in many other fields such renewable energy or automotion. The working principle is detailed on the recently published paper: Z-Damper: a new paradigm for attenuation of vibrations.



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