Extreme environment test bench for dampers ready for operation

damping test bench

The bench is designed for testing dampers performance at extreme temperature between -200ºC and 300ºC and at a frequency range of 0 to 50 Hz.

Vibration isolation is a common denominator issue in areas such as aerospace, defence, automotive, industry or energy. Unfortunately for engine manufacturers, currently available dampers are incapable of handling temperatures higher than 100ºC.

MAG SOAR engineers are just about to overcome this technological barrier with the development of the new Z-DAMPER. This magneto-mechanical damper is about to become a new paradigm for attenuation of vibration; A prototype is being designed to work optimally at high temperatures at low and high frequencies. In short, a clear breakthrough in the present damping technologies.

Z-DAMPER is partially funded by the European Union programme Clean Sky, the most ambitious aeronautical research programme ever launched in Europe. Clean Sky main objective is to develop technologies destined to increase significantly the environmental performance of airplanes and air transport.

In order to go a step further, a unique test bench facility has been created and is now operational and ready for testing damping performance at extreme temperature.


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