Z-DAMPER, winner of the CLEAN SKY Best Project from Partners award

Z-DAMPER has been awarded the first price from 22 nominated Clean Sky projects as best example of successfully performed activities.

 CLEAN SKY is the largest research program funded by the EU Commission developing advanced technologies designed to significantly reduce C02 and NOx emission and noise levels. This week, the Clean Sky 1 Closing Event “Europe, Innovation, and Aviation: Are we keeping up?” was celebrated in order to report results and main achievements, pushed forward by a successful collaboration between private and public actors.

Z-Damper, awarded the 1st prize, is a clear example of successful collaboration between the high-tech engineering small company MAG SOAR, as project coordinator, and Universidad de Alcalá. Z-Damper has created and demonstrated a disruptive vibration killer technology with an optimum performance at extreme temperature.   

Main goals of Clean Sky are the developments of new efficient and clean aircraft engines. A key challenge was to damp effectively their vibrations and a new enabling vibration isolation technology was required. Z-DAMPER has developed a solution from the concept up to the experimental tests, including design, engineering, simulation, manufacturing of prototypes and a testbench for demonstration from -70 to 300 ºC. This acknowledgment underlines the potential of Z-DAMPER as a promising vibration isolation technology, not only for aerospace but also for industry, antiseismic, large structures and other defence applications.

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