Magnetic Gears

MAG SOAR new generation of magnetic gears have been specially optimized for obtaining a maximum precision, efficiency and speed control at reduced weight. Dimensions, accuracy and torque parameters can be customized to meet different operational requirements.

Magnetic Dampers

Z-Damper represents a completely new concept for vibration control, as well as the first to reach temperatures as high as 250 ˚C and as low as 200 ˚C.

Superconducting Magnetic Bearings

MAG SOAR provides turnkey superconducting bearings tested at cryogenic temperatures. Detailed design, manufacturing, testing and magnetic characterization are among our capabilities.

Magnetic Couplings & Torque Limiters

MAG SOAR magnetic couplings & torque limiters provide a highly efficient torque transmission without contact between rotatory shafts. They prevent damage in the machine and structural elements passively. When the torque is higher than the nominal, the magnetic torque limiters simply behave as a clutch. Wear, vibration and noise are drastically reduced.